Pool Lift Buyers Guide

Choosing the most suitable Pool Lift

The most important factor to consider is the needs of the end users of the pool lift and their carers or any staff that may be required to operate the equipment. Is the lift specifically for one person or group of people or is the requirement to provide a lift that is suitable for as many people as possible? Generally speaking the person is hoisted into the water by means of a spreader bar and sling arrangement or by sitting in a chair.

Oxford Dipper with Ranger Transporter Chair

Oxford Dipper with Spreader Bar and Sling

The pool environment and surrounding area can also determine which is the most suitable solution to access the pool. Is the pool deck level? Is there a large drop from the pool side to the water line or is the pool above ground? At pool side is there a suitable area to fix a socket? Do the owners of the pool know what is below the pool deck?

Fixed and Portable Pool Lifts

Most socket based pool lifts require a large amount of concrete to be present. If there is sufficient concrete, a socket which is sunk into the deck will leave a flush surface if the pool lift is removed when not in use. Some of the lifts can be installed with an above ground plate if the concrete isn't deep enough. If there is no means of fixing a socket then completely portable pool lifts are available and are a very popular option.

Portable Pool Lifts

Manual and Battery Powered Pool Lifts

Most lifts are either hydraulically operated or work under battery power, with a removable battery pack which can be plugged into any 3 pin power point. There are a couple of lifts that use water from the pool to operate but we tend not to deal with these unless there is a compelling reason to do so.

Platform Pool Lifts

The Poolpod is a submersible platform lift which enables people with restricted mobility to safely access public swimming pools.

Hot Tub Lifts and Spa Hoists

Disabled access to hot tubs, spas and jacuzzis can be achieved in a number of ways depending on the site conditions. A popular and cost effective solution is the Handi-Move Wall Lift. If the spa is near to a wall or structurally sound upright, the wall lift is an excellent solution.

Disabled Spa Hoist

Juliet Young from Blackpool can now use her hot tub for vital hydrotherapy sessions thanks to the installation of a F145 pool lift by Dolphin Mobility's Manchester branch. The F145 is one of the most versatile pool lifts available with the option of being used with either a chair or body harness. The chair can also be adapted to work as an attendant wheelchair for easy access to the poolside. The F145B is suitable for skimmer and deck level pools both indoors and outdoors, and the seat can be lowered much further than most competing products.

Hot Tub Hoist for disabled access by Dolphin Mobility Hoists

Pool Lift Accessories

  • All lifts will come with a lap belt as standard.
  • Stability vests are available on some of the lifts that use a chair - PAL and Splash
  • Spine board attachment for emergency evacuation on certain models - PAL and Splash
  • Trolley or ability to wheel the pool lift to enable 1 person to transfer the hoist between sockets - Splash and Handimove Pool Lift
  • Extended reach versions are available to overcome certain installation difficulties - PAL and Splash

Recent Pool Lift Installation Examples

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A PAL portable pool lift for a scuba diving group that runs try dives for the disabled. Currently being used at their fortnightly dives at Lord Wandsworth College, Hook, Hampshire. This has been specially adapted to work with a spreader bar and sling as well as the standard chair.

Le Meridien

A BluOne portable pool lift for this newly refurbished hotel in Piccadilly.

Greenvale School

An Oxford Dipper pool lift with transporter chair in Catford, London, SE6

Private pool in Ealing

An Oxford Dipper with spreader bar and sling

Lymington Pool

A BluOne F145 pool lift for an external sea water pool. This was a most unusual installation as there was a very large drop down to the water line and the F145 was the only lift that would work in this situation. Originally the brief was for a portable lift, but this wasn't possible because of the drop down to the water so our builders had to install a cubic metre of concrete at pool side so that we could install the socket based F145.

Pool Hoist at Lymington Sea Water Baths

Flint House Police Rehab Centre

A Splash Extended Reach pool lift was specified because of the need to span a large gutter around the pool with powered operation being an additional requirement.

Splash! Pool Access Lift aids rehab

Our Most Popular Pool Lifts

Handimove Mobile Pool Lift

The Handimove is a mobile pool lift which can be easily removed from its socket by pressing one button and can be wheeled away on its castors by one person. Ideal if you have more than one pool to service, simply install further sockets as required.

Lifting capacity is 135kg

Used with the body support system or a spreader bar and sling arrangement. A popular option is the seat sling.

Pool Lift Seat Sling

It has a reinforced seating surface and back-rest and is made of PVC for flexibility, strength and easy maintenance.

Handi-Move Pool Hoist Case Study

This case study features the Handi-Move pool hoist at Wantage Leisure Centre in Oxfordshire.

Handi-Move Pool Hoist at Wantage Leisure Centre

PAL Portable Pool Lift

The PAL is a completely portable pool lift which requires no mounting to the pool deck. The lifting capacity is 136 kg.

PAL Pool Lifts

Either the user or attendant can operate the PAL with ease. It is battery powered and operated by a handset, the chair can be rotated up to 240 degrees, at the push of a button. Other buttons raise and lower the chair into the water.

The PAL is not designed to be pushed with a person on the chair. Wheelchair users will have to do a poolside transfer.

The PAL is the most versatile pool lift available and can be adapted for use in above ground pools, spas and pools below deck level.

Swimming Pool Hoist Case Study

The Runnymede swimming pool in Essex uses a PAL portable pool hoist. This case study documents their experiences.

PAL Pool Hoist at Runnymede Pool in Essex

Splash Pool Lift

Can do everything that the PAL does but is socket based, so a deck anchor must be installed.

Splash Pool Lifts

The lifting capacity is 181kg on most models or 136kg on the Splash Extended Reach.

The Splash comes with a transporter trolley as standard, so the lift can be easily stored or moved between sockets.

Oxford Dipper Pool Lift

The lifting capacity of the Dipper is 140 kg (22st) and it can be used with a spreader bar and sling or with the optional Ranger chair.

It is deck mounted with different sockets available according to installation requirements, but it does need two physically fit people to remove it from the socket if it is to be stored away from the poolside.

BluOne Portable Pool Lift

The BluOne is completely portable with a lifting capacity of 110 kg. This can be increased to 120kg with an additional weight costing 120 if ordered with the lift.

The person sits on the seat at the front and is pushed to the edge of the pool. You then operate the brake and lock in position, press the down button and the swimmer is lowered into the pool.

The BluOne must be controlled by an attendant and the lift will lower the seat approx 550mm below the edge of the poolside.

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