Ceiling Hoists : Molift Air Ceiling Hoist

Innovative and functional, the Molift Air offers great versatility to disabled users and their caregivers. Not only can it be used with Molift's own track systems, it can also be adapted for use with other manufacturers ceiling tracks.

Molift Air Ceiling Hoist Motor

Molift Air is a smooth operating ceiling lift that enables patients to be transferred in a comfortable and safe manner. It is suitable for sitting and lateral transfers as well as standing and gait training situations.

 Molift AIR Quick Release Mounting Trolley

The Molift Air is a very light motor which in combination with the quick release coupling system makes the unit very easy to handle when mounting and servicing.

Molift Air with Rgo Sling

The handcontrol has 2 buttons for lifting and lowering, or 4 buttons if the hoist is equipped with lateral propulsion. The handcontrol has an indicator light that will illuminate when the battery level is low and the hoist requires charging.

Molift Air side view

The hoist is supplied with a wall mounted battery charger which charges the lift through the handcontrol. The option of In-Rail-Charging is also available. There is a battery indicator light on the hoist motor and the handcontrol.

Molift AIR Battery Indicator on Motor and Handcontrol

The Molift AIR can be used with a 2 or 4 point suspension (spreader bar) which can be combined with the Class lll approved Molift scale set. The scale can also calculate BMI (Body Mass Index) with a single touch.

Molift AIR Weigh Scale

Molift Air Dimensions:

Molift Air Ceiling Hoist Dimensions

L x W x H: (Length, Width, Height without trolley) 360 x 190 x 195mm

A: (Hoisting Range) 300mm

B: (Minimum distance from ceiling to CSP) 345mm

C: (Basic Trolley wheel to connection point lifter) see table below

D: (Hoist height from connection point to CSP) 249mm

E: (Wheeltrack inside rail to under rail H62) 10mm

F: (C+D+H2-E = Total height from rail to connection point for sling)

Molift Air trolley Dimensions

Molift Air Spreader Bar Dimensions:

Molift Spreader Bar Dimensions

Molift Air Technical Data:

  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - Molift AIR 205: 205kg (450 lbs)
  • Safe Working Load (SWL) - Molift AIR 300: 300kg (660 lbs)
  • Unit Weight - 8.26kg (18.21 lbs)
  • Battery Type - 26.4 V NiMH 2.2 Ah
  • Battery Charger - 100-240 V AC, 40-60 Hz 0.9 A output
  • Protection Class - Handcontrol IP24, Lift Motor IP24
  • Material - Aluminium and Plastic
  • Operating forces button - Buttons on handset 3.4 N
  • Expected lifetime - 30,000 cycles or 10 years
  • Hoisting Range - 300cm (118 inches)
  • Minimum distance from ceiling to suspension point - 34cm (13.6 inches)
  • Emergency Lowering - Mechanical and electrical

Reference documents

Molift Air Hoist Dimensions   (119.3Kb)

Molift Air Product Brochure   (10040.5Kb)

Molift Air User Manual   (410.7Kb)

Molift Rail Track System Manual   (7855.4Kb)


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