Pool Hoists : Handi-Move Spa and Jacuzzi Hoist

The Handi-Move Wall Lift can be used to hoist disabled bathers and people with reduced mobility into and out of a spa, jacuzzi or hot tub.

Spa, Jacuzzi and Hot Tub Hoist

There are two versions of the wall lift which are suitable for aiding access to a bath or hot tub. The lift can be mains powered, with an emergency battery back up, using a transformer to make it safe to operate in wet areas. Alternatively, if the hot tub isn't close to a power supply a battery only powered wall lift is also available.

Disabled Spa Lift

The boom arm can be extended to 8 different lengths between 950 and 1300mm, a wall plate extension is also available separately. The Wall Lift has a mechanical emergency down facility, so that a person can be safely lowered if required.

Wall lift hoist for disabled access to a swim spa or hot tub

The Handimove wall hoist has been designed for use in confined spaces such as around a hot tub where tracked or mobile hoists are unsuitable. It is also often used inside the home if there are low ceilings or if fixings can't be made overhead. 

Handi-Move Wall Lift Video:

For more information on this and other spa lift access solutions please call us free on 0800 9800 126 or email We also have a case study of the hoist being used to access a swim spa.

Reference documents

Handi-Move Body Support Specifications   (1190.5Kb)

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Handi-Move Hoist and Lift Four Point Spreader Bar £226.00
Handi-Move Wall Plate Extension £470.00
Handi Move Seat Sling Safety Band £34.00
Handi-Move Seat Sling £324.00
Handi-Move Hoist and Lift Two Point Spreader Bar £154.00
Handimove Floor Mount £300.00
Price: £1,650.00 Quantity:    

All prices are exclusive of VAT. For further information please refer to
Inland Revenue -- Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for disabled people

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