Bath Lifts : Handi-Move Bathing Hoist

The Wall Lift is an excellent means of safely transferring a person into the bath, with the added bonus of being able to transfer to other points such as a toilet or wheelchair.

Handimove Wall Hoist with Access Sling

In addition to the wall lift, a means of suspension must be added. Typically this will involve the use of a 2 or 4 point spreader bar which a loop sling can be attached to. This can be a regular loop sling or the Handi-Move designed seat sling which is particularly good for transferring into a bath.

Handi-Move Wall Hoist with Seat Sling

The wall lift can be used in bathrooms because it comes with a 24 V DC transformer. If getting power to the lift is a problem there is also a battery powered only version available.

Handi-Move Wall Lift Bathing and Toilet Sling

The Handi-Move body support can also be used which is another great device which has many advantages over traditional slings. 

Handimove Portable Wall Hoist in Bathroom

The wall lift is bolted to the wall using just 6 bolts. An extension bracket is available which further increases flexibility and lifting range.

Handimove Bathing Hoist with Body Support System

Handi-Move Hoist and Lift Four Point Spreader Bar £226.00
Handi-Move Wall Plate Extension £470.00
Handi Move Seat Sling Safety Band £34.00
Handi-Move Seat Sling £324.00
Handi-Move Hoist and Lift Two Point Spreader Bar £154.00
Handimove Floor Mount £300.00
Handi-Move Positioning Spreader Bar £1,174.00
Price: £1,650.00 Quantity:    

All prices are exclusive of VAT. For further information please refer to
Inland Revenue -- Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for disabled people

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