Hoists for lifting people onto horses

New Para Rider Horsebox Hoist

The Para Rider Hoist has been developed by Dolphin after we were approached by Para Dressage rider Jane Lishman. Jane wanted to know whether there was anything on the UK market which could her help her get on and off her horse while she was at competitions, something which she has struggled with ever since she started competing.

Disabled Riders hoist with body support for lifting a disabled rider onto a horse.

Unable to find anything suitable we set about designing our own lift which can be attached to a horsebox or wall mounted for use in stables or a yard.

Wall Mounted Disabled Riders hoist with body support for lifting a disabled rider onto a horse.

The Para Rider hoist is able to reach approximately 20 hands and has been tested to a safe working load of 140kg.

Para Rider Hoist on YouTube:

Overhead Hoists for lifting a person onto a horse:

Dolphin Mobility has many solutions for lifting disabled riders onto a horse. The most popular system is to have a Handi-Move hoist used in conjunction with their Body Support, which is quicker and easier to use than a conventional sling.

Handi-Move ceiling hoist with body support for lifting a disabled rider onto a horse.

Advantages of the Handi-Move Ceiling Hoist system:

  • The only ceiling hoist system that can be used with the Body Support
  • Can also be used with spreader bar and slings
  • More suited to a stable/barn environment. PU treatment and membrane panel available
  • Pneumatic hand control
  • Longer life cycle
  • Optional extra long hand control flex
  • Bigger batteries - more uses between charging. Ideal for larger groups or intensive use

The prices for the overhead track system suitable for use with the Body Support start from 3000. But additional costs may be incurred if scaffolding is required to mount the hoist.

Overhead hoist systems are often used and can be fixed to steel beams if there is a covered area and suitable structure. It is usual for a ramp and platform to be constructed on one side. This makes the job of assistants much easier and, most importantly, safer.

BHM Arjo Voyager Duo Hoist:

The Voyager Duo is our preferred ceiling hoist for domestic installations and may be suitable if you don't need to use the body support system. Realistically, installed prices would start from 2100. However, we find that this won't be suitable for a lot of the riding schools that we visit because the hoist can be prone to rust and the pcb's are susceptible to corrosion if the environment is very damp.

BHM Voyager Duo Hoist supplied and installed by the Dolphin Lifts Group

The cost of the sling is not included in the price. Many different styles and sizes are available. Access slings (a popular option for transfers onto a horse) are available from approx 150 each.

Ceiling Fixed Installations - Possible extra costs:

  • Extra labour charges for difficult or unusual installations
  • Platform for working at height or scaffold tower
  • Special brackets for fixing to steel beams
  • Drop down brackets
  • Chemical resin and anchors
  • Lateral bracing

Handi-Move Wall Lift Hoist:

The Handi-Move wall lift can be used with a standard spreader bar and sling or with the body support system. In the video you can see that the wall lift has been fixed to a post on the mounting ramp.

The configuration shown in the video would cost approx 3000 plus the cost of building the ramp. This is a good option if fixing to the ceiling is not feasible.

Bespoke Gantry Track Hoist with portable motor:

This would involve us making two uprights and a crossbar to suit the required site dimensions. The uprights would then be anchored into the ground. Installed prices not including building work would start from approx 2800 installed.

There are a range of portable motors that could be used with a gantry system. If you are using slings only then I would recommend the Maxi Sky 440 portable hoist or the Handi-Move Portable.

If you wanted to be able to use the body support you would need the Handi-Move Portable Motor.

Wall mounted Handi-Move ceiling hoist:

With 3 metres of track prices are likely to start from 3800 installed.

Single wall fix overhead ceiling hoist bracket

This system would be used if it isn't possible to make fixings to the ceiling. The unique wall bracket requires only one wall and the track can be folded against the wall when not in use. The Handi-Move body support can be used with this system.

For more information on Ceiling Hoists please contact Dolphin on 01276 856060 or you can send an email to Demonstrations are available in some parts of the UK.

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Hippotherapy Hoist on YouTube

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