Stair Lifts : Compact Straight Rail Stair Lift

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Variable Seat Heights

To maximise ease of use, ride quality, safety and comfort, Bison's Compact stairlift has a choice of five different seat heights, so it can be specifically matched to your personal requirements.

The available seat heights are:

  • 380mm - 15 inches*
  • 440mm - 17 inches
  • 470mm - 19 inches
  • 500mm - 20 inches
  • 550mm - 22 inches

* Please note the 380mm seat height is not available with the following options:

  • AC power supply
  • Heavy duty lift
  • Extra wide arms
  • Space saver seat

Swivel Seats

Compact is fitted with a manual swivel seat as standard.

The easy to use swivel release paddles, located on the sides of the seat allow the lift to swivel either 45 or 80 degrees. This enables safe and secure access to the landing.

Alternatively for an additional cost, the Compact can be fitted with a fully powered swivel seat. Operated by the main control switch on the stairlift, the seat will automatically turn for you.


The Compact is available in 2 power options.

Mains (AC)

Hard wired neatly into the mains supply, the lift will operate from a continuous power supply.

Battery (DC)

A continually charged battery system ensures your starilift will always work, even in the event of a mains power failure.

The battery (DC) Compact also has the added advantage of having a choice of speeds at installation to ensure the lift travels at a pace suitable to your requirements and circumstances.

Powered Raisers

For people who have difficulty in bending, the optional powered seat and footrest raisers will effortlessly fold away the stairlift when not in use.


Not even a door or open corridor at the bottom of the stairs will prevent the installation of a Compact. There is a range of manual and powered hinges available to lift the bottom section of track keeping doorways and open corridors clear.

Manual hinges fold vertically to the rail. The powered hinge folds parallel.


Compact stairlifts have the option of a wireless remote control. These neat hand held remotes, utilising radio frequency signalling, can operate and park the lift. The remotes can be either hand portable or fixed to a wall or newel post.

Standard Remote Control Dual RF Remote Control
Standard RF remote control Dual remote for properties with more than one stairlift in close proximity
Remote control for stailifts with powered options Dual remote control for stairlifts with powered options
Remote control for stairlifts with powered options. These are supplied as standard if powered hinge or platform is fitted Powered option remote control for properties with more than one stairlift in close proximity.


Compact's slimline rail is smooth and attractively finished, taking up very little space on your stairs. Rail colours are available in milled aluminium as standard. For an additional cost Compact's rail can be supplied in cream or, a bronze finish to help compliment your decor

Compact is the only stairlift that can operate on even the shallowest or steepest of stairs, so no matter what the circumstances you can be sure that the Compact will meet your needs.

Compact can be used on stair angles between 25 - 60 degrees gradient.

Safe Working Loads

The standard safe working load for the Compact stairlift is 120kg (19st)

Heavy Duty Compact

For customers who weigh more than 120kg (19st) for an additional cost the DC (battery powered) Compact stairlift can be supplied with an up rated heavy duty SWL of 180kg (28st).

Other options with an increased SWL up to 150kg (24st) are:

  • Folding Hinged Tracks
  • Powered Swivel Seat
  • Spacer Saver Seat
  • Stand & Perch

Seat Belts

Button Clip Seat Belt FittedButton Clip Seat Belt

Fitted as standard, this easy to use belt ensures safe travel on the stairlift

Quick Release ClaspQuick Release Clasp

For an additional cost the button belt can be fitted with a release clasp. Styled similar to an airline seat belt, it has been designed for people with poor hand dexterity

Reel BeltReel Belt

For an additional cost the Compact can be fitted with a Reel Seat Belt. Similar to a car seat belt it is easily and neatly extracted and retracted when needed.

Double Reel BeltDouble Reel Belt

Exactly the same principle as the Reel Belt. The Double Reel Belt has a reel barrel at both sides and is longer to accomodate the larger customer.


The footrest of the Compact is extremely close to the floor, and stops level with the top step for your complete safety. The carriage and footrest have pressure sensitive safety edges to prevent trapping of objects whilst the stairlift is in motion.

The standard footrest is 365mm (14 inches) long. Bison also offers a longer footrest at 440mm (17 inches) designed for use on the Stand and Perch Lift or as a costed option in the Seated lift. The large footrest is ideal for people who may have an unsteady gait or who simply prefer a larger footrest area.

Space Saver Seat

The space-saver seat has been designed specifically to accommodate up to 60mm (2 inches) of additional width clearance to clients on narrow staircases, where a standard seat is not suitable.The space saver seat also has a safe working load limit of up to 24 stone (150 kg)

The seat utilises a fabric backed finish and has been stylishly designed to enhance comfort and aesthetics over traditional spacer-saver seat styles.

The Compact space-saver is available in the same colour range as the standard seat


Compact Chair ControlsThe stairlift is fitted as standard with a new robust and easy to use rocker switch control, which can be placed on either arm of the lift.

Optional Joystick ControlAlternatively the lift can be fitted with a joystick type control system. The joystick can also be placed on either arm of the lift.



Choose from the following Stair Lifts:
Bison Compact AC 120 kg Straight Rail Stair Lift £0.00
Bison Compact DC 120 kg Straight Rail Stair Lift £0.00
Bison Compact DC 180 kg Straight Rail Stair Lift £2,600.00
Earth Bonding £150.00
Power point - Dedicated back to existing board £90.00
Power point - Dedicated (New one way Consumer Unit) £125.00
Power point - Spur £90.00

All prices are exclusive of VAT. For further information please refer to
Inland Revenue -- Notice 701/7 VAT Reliefs for disabled people

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