Riser Recliner Chairs : Ascot 747 Dual Motor Recliner Chair
    <li class="maintext">Designed with full powerlift facility to assist sufferers of arthritis, rheumatism, MS, poor circulation and many other mobility restrictions</li>
    <li class="maintext">Supplied with castors for ease of movement. Castors lift away to ensure stability in raised positions</li>
    <li class="maintext">Supplied with lift-off back to make the task of delivering the Recliner into your home so much easier</li>
    <li class="maintext">All Sherborne Care Recliners are constructed with the finest materials and mechanisms</li>
    <li class="maintext">Maximum recommended weight 127kg (20 stones)</li>
    <li class="maintext">Battery back-up available (at extra cost)</li>
    <li class="maintext">Overall Dimensions: [w] 77.0cm /30.25&quot;</li>
    <li class="maintext">Overall Dimensions: [d] 93.0cm /36.5&quot;</li>
    <li class="maintext">Overall Dimensions:[h] 106.0cm /41.75&quot;</li>
    <li class="maintext">Seat Dimensions:  [h] 46.0cm/ 18.0&quot;</li>
    <li class="maintext">Seat Dimensions:  [d] 56.0cm/ 22.0&quot;</li>
    <li class="maintext">Seat Dimensions:  [w] 49.0cm/ 19.25&quot;</li>

Elegant and practical Electric 'Lift & Rise' Recliner with useful wings, full 'chaise' seating and the beautiful look and feel of polished beech knuckles. Has a wonderfully soft three-pillow back and a shorter seat for those of a smaller build. Dual motor control enables the backrest and footrest to be moved independently to the exact position you want, including an almost horizontal angle ideal for sleeping - then an 'intelligent' fifth button on the handset returns both backrest and footrest together to the sitting position securely and easily.

Price: £989.00 Quantity:    

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